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Ford recalls trucks due to rollaway fears

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018 | Product Liability

Ford has announced that it will be sending recall notices to 292,909 pickup truck and SUV owners around the country to fix a transmission problem that has raised fears about rollaway accidents. The car maker is also recalling 54,516 vehicles in Mexico and Canada. The problem affects 2018 model year F-150 pickup trucks and Expedition SUVs equipped with 10-speed automatic transmissions and F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks equipped with six-speed automatics. Many of these vehicles are owned by Oklahoma residents and businesses.

Ford says that a clip fastening the shift cable to the transmission unit may not be properly seated in some of the trucks covered by the recall. If this clip becomes loose or breaks, drivers may no longer be able to tell which gear they are in by looking at the shifter. Ford is concerned that drivers could exit vehicles that are still in gear after believing that they have shifted into park. The car maker says that the problem has caused at least one accident and injury. Dealers will inspect and replace the clip if necessary at no charge to Ford owners.

A far smaller Ford recall affects 161 Ford F-150 pickup trucks, Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs and Ford Mustang sports cars. Ford dealers will check to make sure that a transmission roll pin designed to ensure that vehicles remain locked in park has not become dislodged. Ford says that it is not aware of any accidents caused by the problem.

Consumers expect product safety issues to be addressed quickly, and they may pursue civil remedies when they are harmed in accidents that could have been prevented by a timely recall. Attorneys with experience in product liability litigation may encourage manufacturers to settle this kind of lawsuit quickly to safeguard their reputations and prevent a rush of similar claims.