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How roundabouts can prevent serious accidents

Roundabouts don't necessarily prevent accidents from occurring. However, they help to reduce the severity of an accident that occurs. This can save Oklahoma drivers and others from getting seriously hurt or killed in a crash. The reason why roundabouts make intersections safer for drivers, pedestrians and others who use a road is because they force vehicles to slow down. Furthermore, drivers don't have to pay attention to anything other than the presence of other vehicles in the roundabout prior to entering it.

Teen drivers become more dangerous after obtaining licenses

Most teen drivers in Oklahoma are excited about the idea of being behind the wheel on their own after they get their full license. However, a joint study by the National Institutes for Health (NIH) and Virginia Tech University suggests first-time drivers are more likely to be involved in a crash or accident during their first few months as a new driver. Using special equipment and software, researchers evaluated nearly a hundred teens from the period when they first received their learner's permit to a year after they got their license.

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