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Three-day CVSA inspection spree set for June

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Truck Accidents

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding its annual International Roadcheck from June 4 to 6, 2019. The inspection spree will consist of mostly Level I inspections, which are the most comprehensive, so CMV drivers in Oklahoma should make sure they are compliant with all federal vehicle and driver regulations.

Brake, tire/wheel and brake adjustment violations were behind many of the nearly 12,000 vehicle out-of-service orders that were issued during the 2018 road check. About 2,600 drivers were put out of service for various violations. The most common were violating hours-of-service regulations, carrying the wrong class license and falsifying logs.

The 2019 spree will focus on steering and suspension because of their importance in supporting the heavy load of CMVs and maintaining control and stability during braking and acceleration. They also keep the tires properly aligned, reducing the chances of uneven wear.

Inspectors will, of course, check other components like the tires, wheels, brakes, lights and cargo securement devices. They will also ask drivers for their CDL, Medical Examiner’s Certificates, log and other documents.

On average, 17 vehicles are inspected every minute during the three-day blitz. Apart from frequency, though, there is nothing about the inspections that makes them different from the inspections that the CVSA performs every other day of the year.

By enforcing federal trucking regulations, the inspection spree can help prevent many truck accidents caused by trucker negligence. Victims of such negligence have the right to seek compensation under personal injury law, but they might want to see a lawyer before moving forward. The lawyer may bring in investigators to gather proof against the trucker (or the trucking company or the manufacturer of a defective truck part, as the case may be). Once the case is ready, the lawyer might be able to start settlement negotiations.