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Car accident victims should stay calm and take photographs

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Car Accidents

Being involved in an automobile accident can be an extremely traumatic experience for an Oklahoma driver. The actions a car accident victim takes in the seconds and minutes after a collision can be crucial. This is especially true if negligence played a role and they plan to pursue civil remedies to hold the at-fault party financially responsible.

The most important thing to do following a car accident is to remain calm and call 911. Nothing can be gained by getting into a verbal or physical confrontation with the other driver, and emotional outbursts could prove embarrassing when they are described by eyewitnesses in court. Instead, a car accident victim should take photographs of their car and the other car involved. Vehicles should be left in place until the police arrive unless they pose a danger to other road users.

A car accident victim should write down or record their memories of the incident while everything remains fresh and get the names and contact details of any eyewitnesses. They should also cooperate with police officers, ask for an accident report and let paramedics examine them for injuries. A car accident victim should point out even minor back or neck discomfort to emergency services personnel as it could be a sign of a major injury.

Injuries suffered in a car accident that seem minor at the time can become far more serious as time progresses. This is why a personal injury attorney may ask trauma professionals to examine a crash victim. A more rigorous examination could reveal the true extent of a victim’s injuries and ensure that the damages being sought will be sufficient to cover their long-term health care bills and compensate them for their lost income.