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NHTSA says drive sober or get pulled over

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Car Accidents

Drunk driving deaths, though not as numerous as they were 30 years ago, are still a matter of concern in Oklahoma and across the U.S. From 2006 to 2017, drunk driving crashes led to over 10,000 fatalities each year. This is why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has an annual campaign called Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

NHTSA explains that every day in the U.S., 30 people die in drunk driving accidents. The annual costs relating to these deaths and the resulting damages can reach as high as $44 billion. It should be remembered that .08 is the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration in a driver. DUI can be a misdemeanor or felony offense, and the penalties include fines, license suspension and even jail time.

Alcohol intoxication impairs one’s judgment, muscle coordination and memory, all of which are necessary to driving. Drivers who drink only a little may still experience drowsiness and a loss of judgment while legally drunk drivers may be unable to control their speed, stay in their lane and see traffic signs.

Those who might drink too much at a party or other gathering should designate a sober driver for themselves beforehand. Another way to avoid drunk driving is to install an ignition interlock on the car.

Since drunk driving is a form of negligence, those who are injured at the hands of a drunk driver in a car accident can be eligible for compensation under personal injury law. In cases where victims contributed to their own injuries, they may still be able to recover damages if the other’s degree of fault is greater. These damages might cover medical expenses, vehicle repairs, lost income and more. Before filing their claim, victims may want a lawyer to assist them.