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Better safe than sleepy behind the wheel of a large truck

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Every truck driver in Oklahoma knows the feeling of fatigue that can come from being on the road for too long. Not only can driving while tired be irritating, but it can also eventually end up being deadly.

Although it may seem like a smart idea to power through your feelings of sleepiness to meet a deadline, many accidents happen when this occurs. We here at Burrage Law Firm, PLLC understand how exhaustion can be a serious detriment to truck drivers.

Potential warning signs

Some warning signs for over-exhaustion include: the inability to concentrate on the road in front of you, not remembering where you are or where you are going, and feeling like you want to close your eyes instead of watching the road, among other things. Although some drowsiness may be normal, truck drivers, in particular, should keep alert while operating their vehicles. The larger the vehicle, the more damage it will likely cause in the event of an accident.

How it happens

According to a report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there have been 40,808 large truck crashes in early 2019 alone. Often, drivers have to make long-distance trips through stretches of straight road. Traveling many uninterrupted hours at night where it may be easy to relax and fall asleep if you are not fully awake can lead to accidents. This is especially serious if you do not have any other person in the vehicle with you in case of an emergency.

What to do

The most important thing you can do if you feel exhausted is to pull off the road as soon as you safely can. Continuing to drive while weary is gambling on your safety. More information about this is available on our webpage.