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The rights steps to take in an insurance bad faith claim

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2020 | Insurance Bad Faith

Most people in Oklahoma have a variety of insurance policies, including life insurance, health insurance, car insurance and homeowner’s insurance, among others. We all get this coverage for one reason: so that it is there to help pay for expenses when we need it. However, insurance companies are notorious for heavily scrutinizing claims by customers to get a payout.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets what they deserve when they make a claim to their insurance companies. With health insurance or homeowner’s insurance, for example, you may have believed that a certain expense would be covered under your policy, but then in a phone call with your insurance company they tell you that they won’t be covering the charge. Car insurance can be much the same, even as you are potentially reeling from a sudden and unexpected accident that may have led to serious injuries.

When Oklahoma residents believe that they are getting the run-around by their insurance companies and their insurance policy is not being properly honored, it may be time to make a bad faith claim against the insurance company. While we all get these policies for “peace of mind,” sometimes these companies can become your greatest adversaries.

At our law firm, we work with Oklahoma residents who think their insurance company might not be playing be the rules. When someone pays monthly or yearly premiums for an insurance policy, that policy better be fulfilled when it is needed. We work with our clients to help hold insurance companies accountable. For more information, please visit the insurance bad faith claim overview section of our law firm’s website.