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What should you do in the immediate aftermath of a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2020 | Car Accidents

Many people in Oklahoma have been in a so-called “fender bender,” but more serious car accidents are common in our state and throughout the country as well. Every day people are injured on the roadways due to the negligent actions of others, who may be distracted or under the influence of alcohol, for example. So, in the immediate aftermath of a car accident, what steps should you take?

Well, for starters, everyone involved in the accident should stay on the scene. Nothing makes a car accident worse than turning the incident into a hit-and-run. Medical treatment for anyone who was injured in the car accident is of paramount concern. If emergency medical personnel need to be called to the scene, hopefully someone is able to call 911.

From there, anyone who believes that they are the victim in the accident and that the collision was caused by the other party will want to take some additional steps. Getting the name and contact information for the other party is important, as is getting the right information for how to obtain a copy of the police report that will be made about the car accident. If there are any eyewitnesses who saw how the accident occurred, getting their contact information is crucial as well. Photos of the vehicles involved in the accident, injuries that occurred in the accident and of the general accident scene can be important as well.

The point of getting all of this information is so that it is available if needed in a subsequent personal injury lawsuit. Such a lawsuit may lead to an award of financial compensation for the victims of the crash.