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How to find a reliable insurance company

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Insurance Bad Faith

We all know there is no shortage of insurance advertisements. Whether on a billboard by the interstate, in a television commercial, or via a pop-up ad on the internet, it seems we are constantly made aware of the plethora of insurers to choose from.

So which companies are reliable, and which are most likely to act in bad faith? There are a couple of things to look for when shopping for an insurance carrier. First, always check the ratings. One trusted source for this is J.D. Power insurance ratings. Insurance companies are rated on several criteria across the board. Be sure to look at the ratings for each. Categories include sales and service, repair experience, and claim satisfaction to name a few.

Second, always read the reviews. The internet is a great source for research on other policyholder experiences with any given insurer. If there appears to be a recurring list of bad experiences, you may want to keep shopping. These are the types of companies that consumers are often forced to pursue in bad faith insurance lawsuits. Third, obtain multiple quotes from different companies, and make sure they include multi-policy discounts. A good rule of thumb is to search for mid-range premiums. The cheapest policy does not always equal the worst, and the most expensive does not always mean better.

Good insurance coverage covers both you and the other party when you are at fault. In addition, it also ensures that you and your property are covered even if another at-fault party is not. Even after following these guidelines, some people find themselves in a situation where an insurance company is refusing to pay a claim, even when they should. If you have, unfortunately, found yourself in one of these situations, it may be in your best interest to consult with an attorney who can help you file a bad faith insurance claim.