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Who is responsible in car accidents when at-fault party dies?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Car Accidents

There are times when the causes of a car crash are easy to determine, even for those who are not law enforcement. When these types of car accidents result in death or serious injury, it may be very important for victims or their families to pursue full accountability for what happened. But what is the protocol when the person deemed responsible for the crash dies as a result? Fortunately, there are options for anyone in this situation, as may be the case for two people injured in a recent crash here in Oklahoma that left the other driver, who appears to have been at fault, dead.

Authorities report that the collision happened on a recent weekend evening at the intersection of a state highway and local road. A woman driving south did not stop at a stop sign, instead driving through the intersection and hitting a Jeep, according to police. Investigators further say that the impact caused the first vehicle to roll over and finally stop on its roof while the Jeep was forced off the road, stopping at the side. The woman driving the first vehicle, along with a passenger in that car died as a result.

First responders airlifted the driver of the Jeep to a nearby hospital where he arrived in critical condition. A passenger in the Jeep was also taken to a hospital, but the extent of her injuries was not reported. The police investigation appears to be ongoing.

The surviving victims in this case may need extensive medical attention, if a full recovery is even possible. The medical bills they incur could be offset through a personal injury claim. When car accidents like this one occur, the victims — or their families in the event of a fatality — may have the option of making a claim on the estate of the deceased driver. There may be other legal options as well, which an experienced attorney here in Oklahoma can explain to those with questions.