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Stay safe on Oklahoma’s roads by avoiding wrong-way accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Car Accidents

A wrong-way accident can lead to devastating injuries. Traveling at higher speeds is a contributing factor to any accident but can be especially serious during this particular type of crash. Alarmingly, Oklahoma and other areas in the country are seeing an increase in these types of crashes . Many of these accidents are contributed to avoidable circumstances.

Wrong-way crashes are becoming more common

Many wrong-way crashes involve head-on collisions. These unfortunate incidents can cause serious injuries to drivers and passengers in both vehicles involved. In Oklahoma, 24 people were killed as a result of this type of crash in 2019. This increase in deaths related to these tragic accidents is alarming to anyone traveling on the state’s roads. These crashes can be especially dangerous on highways where vehicles are traveling at higher speeds.

Many of these crashes are caused by alcohol impairment. The National Transportation Safety Board and AAA are asking state leaders to implement some basic safety measures like increased sobriety checkpoints and alcohol ignition interlocks. These measures could help reduce vehicle accidents caused by alcohol impairment.

Stay safe on the road

Studies have shown that driving with a passenger can decrease the likelihood of being in a car accident. The passenger can help keep the driver alert and responsive to potential hazards. Older drivers who may have cognitive issues can benefit from a driving refresher course. Defensive driving and staying off the roads when tired or impaired can also prevent many crashes, especially those where vehicles are traveling in the wrong direction.

Negligent drivers who cause any type of accident can be held responsible for injuries caused to others on the road. Anyone who has been injured in a vehicle crash due to negligent driving may be entitled to compensation for injuries, lost work and other accident-related expenses. Furthermore, those who lost a loved one to such an unfortunate incident may be able to recover damages for many end-of-life expenses. An attorney with experience in personal injury and wrongful death claims can help Oklahoma victims during these trying times.