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Birds Eye frozen product recalled due to possible contamination

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Product Liability

Frozen foods can save a lot of time and effort in the kitchen, which is one of the main reasons they are so popular. Using a frozen vegetable or side dish can allow busy people to have dinner on the table quickly. But many frozen foods are processed, and sometimes during the processing, something can go wrong that can cause the food to be harmful. One product from Birds Eye has recently been recalled due to possible contamination.

The recalled products

Sometimes, food products are recalled before anyone has been injured or became ill from eating the food. Unfortunately, several consumers who ate this recalled product, Birds Eye Breaded Broccoli Tots, have already suffered dental injuries. Some bags of this frozen product may contain small pieces of metal and rock fragments. Understandably, this can damage teeth or even cause other health issues.

Anyone who has purchased this product can get further information on the specific recalled packages through the Conagra website. As of now, it’s unclear where the product was distributed and sold. The manufacturer advises consumers to dispose of the product and to contact a healthcare provider in case of any injury. The company can be reached through a phone call or email for details on how to get a refund.

Taking legal action related to dangerous products

All manufacturers have an obligation to the consumer to provide safe products. This is especially true with food products, which can be subject to contamination if they are not made and handled properly. When a consumer is damaged in some way by eating, drinking or using a faulty product, he or she may have cause for legal action. To understand their options, consumers can seek legal advice from an Oklahoma attorney with experience in pursuing product liability cases.