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Technology can help Oklahoma drivers stay safe in winter weather

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2021 | Car Accidents

Snow and ice can lead to hazardous road conditions during the colder months. While it’s usually best to stay at home when roads are bad, this isn’t always feasible. Limiting unnecessary trips during inclement weather is one of the best ways to help prevent accidents. But for those who need to be on the road, the latest technology can help drivers understand the conditions for safer driving. 

Keeping up with road conditions 

Oklahoma drivers can use the Oklahoma Drive app to keep up with conditions in the areas in which they plan to travel. With new updates to the app, drivers can check various weather sites, see real-time views of traffic, and get information on traffic flow in specific areas. Users can also search through message boards for information on road conditions from other drivers. 

The app also provides an Auto Tracking Mode option that drivers can use to view traffic cameras in real-time as they travel. This information allows one to change routes when needed to avoid construction, accidents, or particularly bad road conditions. The app covers roads throughout the entire state.  

Accidents can still happen 

Even the most cautious driver can find themselves involved in a motor vehicle accident. While some accidents are simply not preventable, especially in the case of poor road conditions, others are due to negligence. When an Oklahoma motorist is injured in a crash due to negligence on the part of another driver, there are legal options available. An attorney with experience in personal injury cases can provide insight on what steps should be taken to pursue a case against the party at fault.