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3 college students killed in horrific accident

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Car Accidents

Oklahoma drivers assume a certain risk when driving on highways and roads. A serious accident can happen on any road due to poor weather conditions, driver errors or other reasons. A recent accident on I-35 took the lives of three students who were returning home after spending time doing something they loved. Their families, school, and communities are mourning the losses of these promising young men.

A horrific accident

The three students from The University of Oklahoma had been out observing storms in the area. All three young men were meteorology students and were particularly interested in being eyewitnesses to the weather conditions. But the storms they were observing likely contributed to the accident. They were returning home when their SUV hydroplaned. This caused the vehicle to exit the road, return onto the road and be struck by an oncoming semi-truck.

The students were pinned inside the vehicle for hours before rescuers could reach them. Tragically, all three young men perished in the crash. Investigations are ongoing and no charges have been filed against the truck driver at this time.

The aftermath for surviving family members

Being seriously injured or losing a loved one in a tragic car accident leaves victims, and their families with many difficult emotions. Along with those emotions often comes extensive accident-related costs for medical care and other expenses. If driver error caused the accident, Oklahoma victims or surviving family members may have the option to pursue a personal injury case against the party at fault which may help cover those unexpected expenses.