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4 killed in church van crash, several others injured

On Behalf of | May 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

Accidents happen every day on Oklahoma highways and on roadways in other states. Some accidents are relatively minor, while others can cause severe injuries and death to drivers and passengers involved. Some car accidents are just that, accidents, but others may be caused by inclement weather, driver error, poor road conditions or driver negligence. No matter the cause of the accident, resulting injuries and fatalities can devastate the families involved. A recent crash involving a van and pickup left four dead and many others injured.  

What caused the accident 

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a van from a local private church school was traveling on US 59 in Watts. The van was carrying passengers, several of those being children. The van was struck by a pickup truck head-on. The cause of the accident is unknown, and the conditions of the drivers of both vehicles are under investigation. 

Both the van driver and the pickup driver died at the scene. Two children were also killed in the accident. Several others, including children as young as two years old, were injured. Some had minor injuries, while others are facing more serious injuries and possibly a long road to recovery.  

Pursuing a personal injury case 

Motor vehicle accidents can change the lives of those involved. Victims may suffer lifelong issues after a serious accident. When a crash leads to fatalities, the surviving loved ones are left in shock at losing a loved one in such unexpected circumstances. Even those most victims and family members don’t initially consider the financial repercussions of being involved in such an accident, there are many expenses that will arise. An Oklahoma personal injury attorney can help those in this situation understand their options in pursuing a case against those at fault.