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Bicyclist killed in Oklahoma City accident

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Car Accidents

There are many reasons why some Oklahomans choose to bicycle around the state’s cities and other areas. Bicycling is a cheap mode of transportation, and it can also be a good workout. But riding bikes on or near busy roads can be risky, especially when drivers of large vehicles aren’t cautious around bike riders. An accident between a bicycle and truck, like one that happened recently, can be deadly for anyone on the bike. 

How the accident happened 

The bicyclist was traveling on South Walker Avenue in Oklahoma City one weekday morning with a passenger on the bike. The circumstances are unclear as to what caused the accident, but for unknown reasons, a truck struck the bicycle. The passenger on the bike was killed and the bike rider was injured.  

There is no information about who or what caused the collision or whether the driver of the truck or the bicyclist were both following applicable laws in the time leading up to the crash. Bicycling groups in the area are concerned about safety issues as bike vs. vehicle accidents are quite common in the city when compared to other areas around the country. The city plans to make some changes to help make the roads safer for everyone, especially those on bicycles.  

What to do after a serious accident 

Bicycles are popular modes of transportation in cities for many reasons. But bicycle riders are very vulnerable on the road, especially when they are involved in accidents with larger vehicles. Oftentimes, these accidents result in serious injuries, or even death, as in this case. The victim or their family members may be left with many unexpected expenses for medical bills, loss of work, and other accident-related costs. Oklahoma residents who find themselves in a similar situation can consult a personal injury attorney for advice.