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Well-known brand recalls saws due to injury risk

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Product Liability

When one is using power tools, following the manufacturer’s directions, and using safety gear can go a long way in preventing injuries. But sometimes, even when used properly, power tools like saws can still cause serious injuries to those in Oklahoma and other states. When one is injured due to faulty equipment, the manufacturer may be financially responsible. A popular tool brand recently issued a recall for a miter saw after several people were injured while using the saw. 

What caused the injuries?  

The recalled product, a DeWALT sliding compound miter saw, was sold nationwide at home improvement stores, hardware stores and online retailers. The saw has a rear safety guard that can detach or break during use. If this happens, the user is at risk of being struck by pieces of the guard or getting cut by the exposed blade. Already, the company has received nearly 600 reports of guard breakage or detachment. Out of those reports, nine people were injured. 

Not all DeWALT miter saws are involved in the recall. Consumers can visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to see which models have been recalled. Those who have the recalled saw are instructed to stop using it immediately. The company is offering repair kits or the option for consumers to take their saw to a DeWALT repair center for a free repair.  

What to do when injured by a faulty product 

Injuries from faulty products can be severe. Consumers should not have to worry about being injured by power tools or other equipment, but unfortunately, sometimes something goes wrong during production which can later put the user at risk. When this happens, the victim may have the option to pursue a civil case against the product manufacturer. Those injured by faulty products in Oklahoma can consult a personal injury attorney for information on how to proceed with a claim for monetary damages.