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1 injured in crash involving school bus

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Bus Accidents

When a smaller vehicle is involved in a collision with a large vehicle like a school bus in Oklahoma, the results can often be serious in terms of injuries to the occupants. School buses may be carrying many passengers at once, and they are often traveling during busy times of the day. When combined with the fact that drivers may be sleepy or distracted during their morning drive, it’s easy to see how accidents happen during this time of day. A recent accident involving a passenger vehicle and a school bus during the morning commute left one man injured.

An early morning crash

The commute to work and school in the morning can be met with a lot of traffic, increasing the likelihood of a crash. A recent accident on Highway 3 in Seminole involved a bus full of children that were heading towards a sporting event. The bus was struck head-on by a man in a sedan. Investigators believe that the driver of the car may have fallen asleep, which caused his car to cross the center line and collide with the bus.

The driver was pinned under the bus for around 30 minutes. Once he was extricated from the wreckage, he was flown to a local hospital with serious injuries. The bus driver and the students in the bus were not injured.

What to do when one is injured in a motor vehicle accident

Motor vehicle accidents happen all the time because of driver negligence. This may include driving while one is not alert and awake enough to focus on the road. When one is injured in an accident like this, pursuing a civil personal injury case against the driver at fault may be an option. Victims can get valuable information on their options by consulting with an experienced Oklahoma attorney.