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Children’s blankets recalled due to asphyxiation hazard

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Product Liability

Blankets are a gift commonly given to people of all ages and especially to young children. Most Oklahomans wouldn’t think of a blanket being hazardous for children to use but sadly, some weighted blankets sold at Target pose serious hazards. Two children have died after using the blankets. The blankets are now recalled to prevent any more families from going through such a tragedy.

Details of the recall

The recalled blankets were sold at Target stores nationwide and online. They were sold under the Pillowfort brand and were available in several colors and patterns. The blankets weigh six pounds and include a zipper that can be manipulated by the child, allowing them to crawl inside the blanket. This poses an asphyxiation risk to young children. Two young girls died after getting trapped inside the blanket.

Information on the product number of the recalled blankets can be found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. Consumers are encouraged to stop allowing their children to use the blankets immediately. Target is offering a full refund for the return of any recalled blankets. They can be returned to a store or through the mail.

Injuries can be serious when faulty products are used

Consumers expect to purchase products that have been tested for safety, especially when those products are designed for children. No one expects for a loved one to be injured or killed while using a faulty product. Product liability cases can be challenging for a family to go through, but a successful case can provide monetary support in the aftermath of a tragedy. Families dealing with such a situation have the right to seek guidance from an experienced Oklahoma attorney.