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Eyedrops recalled due to serious health risk

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2023 | Product Liability

When Oklahoma consumers purchase healthcare products, they expect those products to be tested for safety and efficacy. Eye health can be particularly concerning because the eyes are sensitive and can be easily damaged when improper products are used. Eyedrops are a commonly used item for many people, and they can treat various eye conditions when used correctly. But a recent recall of a specific brand of eyedrops means that many consumers may be in danger of suffering from permanent eye damage. 

The recalled products 

The recalled artificial tears were sold under the brand name EzriCare. They were recently recalled because they may be contaminated with a dangerous type of bacteria. When someone gets an infection from this type of bacteria, treating it can prove difficult as it is often resistant to many common antibiotics. 

The products were sold in many retailers around the nation. So far, there have been over 50 cases of bacterial infections in a dozen different states. One person died from complications related to their infection. Others have suffered from loss of sight. The CDC is urging consumers to stop using the recalled eyedrops immediately.  

Where to turn for help 

Injuries from using unsafe products, especially unsafe healthcare products, can leave victims permanently injured. A successful product liability case can provide injured parties with compensation to help pay for loss of work, medical bills, and other expenses. Anyone in Oklahoma who has been injured from using a faulty product has the right to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney to see what their legal options are.