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Crash at intersection results in injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Car Accidents

Busy intersections can be hazardous to motorists on Oklahoma roadways. Many of these intersections have a constant stream of traffic, especially during peak driving times. When navigating through an intersection, drivers must be aware of those around them in an attempt to avoid a collision. Even the most attentive drivers can be in an accident when others on the road don’t pay attention to speed limits, don’t obey traffic signals, and drive negligently. When a crash does happen at an intersection, the drivers and passengers in all the involved vehicles are at risk of suffering serious injuries.

A crash results in injuries

A recent accident in Oklahoma City resulted in two people going to the hospital. The collision happened early on a weekday morning at the intersection of Southwest 29th Street and Council Road. Helicopter footage from the scene shows two cars with serious front-end damage.

Two people were transported to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries in the accident. There aren’t many details about how the accident happened or which driver, if either, may have been at fault. As authorities investigate further and determine if driver negligence may have contributed to the crash, charges could be filed against the party at fault.

Motor vehicle accidents can be life-changing

A victim of a serious motor vehicle accident doesn’t always recover quickly or completely. Even once recovered, a victim may face significant financial strain related to the accident. When one is injured in a motor vehicle accident and another driver caused the crash, the victim has legal options. Oklahoma accident victims have the right to seek compensation through the civil court system by filing a lawsuit against the driver at fault.