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Pedestrian killed in Oklahoma City accident

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Injuries

When pedestrians are walking on or near roadways in Oklahoma, they are at risk of being struck by a vehicle. Pedestrians are responsible for obeying laws and crossing streets only when and where it is allowed. At the same time, motorists must be cautious and always watch for anything in the roadway to try to avoid a collision. Sadly, sometimes vehicles do strike pedestrians and the resulting injuries are often serious or fatal. 

A deadly accident 

A recent crash in Oklahoma City left a pedestrian dead. The accident happened just before 7 a.m. on a Thursday morning. A man was driving on South Western Avenue near SW 81st when he struck a pedestrian in the roadway. The male pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The pickup driver was not injured and remained at the scene of the accident during the initial investigation. He claims that the victim jumped in front of his truck. Further investigations may reveal more information about the events leading up to the accident to determine if any criminal charges should be filed.  

Legal help is available for accident victims 

When one is injured in a motor vehicle accident the injuries can be life-altering. Accident victims often suffer from much pain and suffering, which can sometimes limit their ability to work and participate in activities they enjoy. When a negligent driver caused an accident, the victim has the right to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Oklahoma accident victims can benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney to know what legal options they have.