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Bus accidents in Oklahoma highlight danger for kids

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Bus Accidents

Every parent in Oklahoma probably gets at least a little worried when they see their kids walk off to the bus stop each school day. However, in the vast majority of cases, the trip to and from school on the bus goes without incident. Unfortunately, that was not the case recently in the Oklahoma City area, where two bus accidents involving school buses occurred in a short timeframe.

According to reports, the first of the two bus accidents occurred on January 14 near Harrah Road and S.E. 89th Street in Oklahoma City. The reports indicate that the school bus hit a cement truck, although the collision appears to have been rather minor. Nonetheless, the affects of the collision were enough to reportedly lead to injuries for three students, who then had to be transported for medical care.

The second incident occurred the next day, on January 15. In that incident, the initial reports provided scant details, but it was reported that emergency responders rushed to the scene of the accident. Hopefully any injuries to children on the bus are minor.

Such incidents happening in close succession like this is another reminder of how dangerous the roads can be, in Oklahoma and throughout the country. Parents of children who have been injured in bus accidents will treat the medical care of their children as the highest priority, and rightly so. However, there may be legal options to consider in the aftermath of these types of accidents as well. Getting the right information about how to pursue a potential personal injury claim could lead to recovering much needed financial compensation.