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Car accident leave both injured and deceased victims

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Car Accidents

No family ever expects to lose a loved one to a car crash. However, this type of tragedy happens every single day in this country. Oklahoma police are still investigating a recent car accident that took the lives of two people and injured two more. What’s more is that authorities say that this crash may have been due to intoxicated driving. When this happens, it may seem even more upsetting, as different choices may have saved lives rather than taken them.

Official reports note that the crash occurred on local county roads on a recent weekend evening. Two passenger trucks, a pickup driving west and a full-size truck heading south were approaching the same intersection at the time, according to the police. The southbound pickup truck allegedly ran a stop sign and struck the full-size truck. Though the pickup caught on fire, the driver was taken to a nearby hospital and was listed in fair condition.

Two people in the full-size truck, the driver and a passenger, died at the scene of the crash. Two other passengers in that truck, both juveniles, have received medical treatment and were said to be in fair condition upon their arrival at the hospital. Police say that the driver of the pickup truck was driving while intoxicated, though they have not announced formal criminal charges against him.

Even if Oklahoma police decide not to charge the 19-year-old truck driver for some reason, the family of the deceased and injured victims may decide to pursue civil litigation. When a car accident like this one unexpectedly changes the life of a family, it can have both emotionally and financially devastating consequences. It may make sense to file a wrongful death or personal injury claim with the assistance of a skilled attorney.