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Hoverboards recalled due to fire hazard

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2023 | Product Liability

When a consumer buys a product that’s designed for use by people of any age, they expect that a certain level of safety testing was performed. This is especially true when parents buy toys for their children and teens. Hoverboards are popular with kids and teenagers, but they are not all designed with safety in mind. A recent recall of a popular hoverboard that was sold nationwide should be concerning for anyone in Oklahoma who purchased the product. 

Recall details  

The recalled hoverboards are made by Jetson and were sold nationwide in Target stores and online through Target and the Jetson website. The recall is related to the board’s battery, which can overheat and catch fire, potentially causing burns or fire to spread to other areas. Tragically two young girls were killed in a house fire when a Jetson hoverboard overheated. The fire spread to other areas in the home, and the girls did not make it out safely. 

Anyone who owns the recalled hoverboard is urged to stop use immediately. The company is offering a full refund for the product. More information on which models are recalled, as well as how to safely dispose of the lithium-ion battery, is available on the Jetson website.  

Legal help for victims of dangerous product injuries 

The average Oklahoma consumer understandably assumes that products are designed to be safe for the intended use. When a company manufactures and sells a defective product, injuries can be serious, especially when the product is marketed toward children. Those injured while using an unsafe product have the right to seek compensation from the product manufacturer to help cover expenses related to their injuries.