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Products for children recalled at an alarming rate

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | Product Liability

Oklahoma parents reasonably expect that products sold for use by children have been proven to be safe. Sadly, many child-centered products are continuing to be recalled at a higher rate than in previous years. Many of the recalled products caused serious injuries to children, some of which were fatal. Parents can benefit from researching products before purchasing them for use by their children and by knowing their rights if their child is injured due to a defective product. 

Recalled products 

The year 2023 saw an increase in recalls of products designed for use by children. One of the top recalls last year was for a brand of craft beads, which are small colorful orbs that children can easily swallow and choke on. Sadly, some children have died after swallowing the beads. Toys with small magnets pose another choking hazard, plus they can cause internal damage when swallowed. An activity center designed for use by infants and toddlers was recalled after 38 children were injured. 

The recalls didn’t only affect products designed for young children. Battery-powered scooters, bikes, and hoverboards from several brands were recalled due to fire and injury hazards. The lithium batteries specifically led to two deaths and others suffering serious injuries.  

Facing an injury from a defective product 

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure their product is safe before it reaches the market. This is especially important when that product is designed to be used by a child. Oklahoma parents of a child injured due to the use of a faulty product have the right to seek compensation on behalf of their child. A successful personal injury lawsuit can provide funds to help pay for injury-related expenses.