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Recalled infant lounger still being sold by some retailers

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Product Liability

When a product is recalled, it can be difficult to prevent some merchants from continuing to sell the product. While large Oklahoma retailers are likely to be quickly informed about product recalls and quickly remove those products from the shelves, third-party sellers and resellers may not have the same access to information on product recalls. When the recall involves a product designed for use by infants or young children, the continued use of such a product can be fatal.  

2 infants died after a recall 

The Boppy lounger, designed for use by newborns, was recalled in Sept. 2021. After the recall, two more infants died while using the lounger. Due to the design of the product, an infant may be able to roll off the lounger onto another surface, which can obstruct their airway, leading to injury or death.  

Upon being informed of the recall, retailers were no longer allowed to sell the item. Unfortunately, these loungers are still being sold at some second-hand retailers and online resell shops. Parents are urged to stop using the lounger immediately and all resellers are no longer legally allowed to sell the item.  

Recourse for product liability injuries 

Being injured by a defective product can devastate an Oklahoma victim or their family. Consumers should be able to rely on manufacturers to provide safe products, especially when those products are made for infants. Sadly, many children die each year in accidents related to defective products. While no amount of monetary compensation will bring back a loved one, funds received from a successful civil lawsuit can help the family recover financially after such a horrific loss.