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Driver flees the scene of fatal pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2023 | Car Accidents

Fleeing from the police is never a good idea for an Oklahoma driver. When police attempt to pull someone over on the roadway, the driver is responsible for acting appropriately and stopping in a timely manner. When someone runs from the police at a high rate of speed, it puts others on the road in danger. Sadly, a woman was killed recently when a driver refused to stop for police and fled through Oklahoma City streets, eventually striking the victim.  

What led up to the accident 

According to police, an officer attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle for unknown reasons. Rather than stopping, the driver fled in the car. Police followed the vehicle but determined the driver was going too fast for a safe pursuit. Sometime after the police abandoned the pursuit, the driver apparently struck a pedestrian near Southeast 29th and Shields. 

The victim was killed in the accident. The driver fled the scene and police are still looking for the suspect. When the driver is located, that individual will likely face charges related to refusing to stop for the police and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.  

Compensation for the victim’s family 

Losing a loved one in a hit-and-run crash can be especially devastating for a family. They may wonder if their loved one could have survived had they received immediate medical attention. While these circumstances can be very hard on a family, and no amount of money can compensate for the loss of a loved one, the family does have legal options in pursuing a civil lawsuit against the driver believed to have been at fault. Oklahoma families who’ve lost someone in a motor vehicle accident due to negligence can better understand their options by consulting with a personal injury attorney.