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Popular air fryers recalled after some suffered burns

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Product Liability

Air fryers are a common appliance in many Oklahoma kitchens due to their ease of use, quickness in preparing foods, and versatility. When consumers purchase a small kitchen appliance, they have an expectation that the appliance was designed with safety in mind. Unfortunately, design and manufacturing flaws can lead to issues on occasion. Consumers should be aware of a recent recall of a popular brand of air fryer due to burn hazards when using the machine.

Details of the recall

The recalled air fryer was sold under the brand name Power XL. The two models that were recalled are the DUAF-10 and DUAF-005 Vortex, both of which have dual frying baskets. Some consumers have reported that the connector inside the unit that connects the two baskets can break, which can lead to burns.

The air fryers were sold at retailers around the nation, both online and in store. Consumers who own one of the recalled air fryers are encouraged to stop using it immediately. The manufacturer is offering consumers a full refund for the recalled air fryer. Empower brands, the parent company, can be contacted online or via phone for more information on how to receive the refund.

Recalls should be taken seriously

Product recalls often happen because someone has suffered injuries while using the product. While many of these injuries are minor, if a consumer continues to use a recalled product, the injuries could be more severe. Oklahoma consumers who have been injured when using a product have the right to seek compensation by filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer. A successful lawsuit can help one recover from injuries related to the use of a faulty product.