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3 injured in crash on I-40 in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Car Accidents

Motorists on Oklahoma roadways are responsible for being aware of what is going on around them when driving. This means looking out for vehicles that are stopped alongside the roadway. When drivers aren’t paying attention or are traveling too fast to be able to react to an unexpected obstruction or obstacle, serious accidents can occur. A recent crash on I-40 left three people injured, one of them being an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper.  

What caused the accident? 

The crash happened on a recent afternoon in Canadian County. A state trooper was at a traffic stop alongside I-40 with a vehicle pulled over to the side of the highway. Just as the trooper was completing the traffic stop, another vehicle hit the stopped vehicle and the officer who had initiated the stop. 

The trooper along with two others were injured in the crash. Another Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper took the injured officer to a nearby hospital where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The status of the other two individuals was not reported. As the investigation into the accident continues, charges may be filed against the driver who collided with the trooper and the other vehicle.  

Compensation after a motor vehicle crash 

Anytime an individual is injured in a motor vehicle accident where negligence was a contributing factor, the victim may choose to file a civil lawsuit against the driver deemed at fault. Accident injuries are often serious and life-changing. Oklahoma accident victims can consult a personal injury attorney to better understand what options they have in seeking compensation.