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How might a truck accident happen near you on the road?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2020 | Truck Accidents

We have all seen the aftermath of car accidents on the side of the road from time to time. But, truck accidents are another matter altogether. These types of collisions can lead to devastating consequences, with significant property damage and even the potential for fatalities to occur. So, how do these deadly truck accidents happen on the road in Oklahoma?

Although the causes of truck accidents are as varied as there are trucks on the road, there are some common causes that our readers should be aware of. For starters, truck drivers are required to go through specialized training so that they can handle these immense vehicles. As our readers can likely imagine, a semi-truck handles much differently than a passenger vehicle, for example. If a truck driver doesn’t know what he is doing behind the wheel, the potential for a truck accident to occur is very real.

Large trucks are most commonly used to transport goods and materials. As a result, the loads these vehicles transport throughout Oklahoma and across the county must be properly loaded and secured. An unsecured load may shift and cause a truck to crash, while goods that are not properly loaded may spill onto the roadway and impact other vehicles.

Of course, probably the most common cause of truck accidents is “human error.” Like most other drivers, truck drivers are not immune to distractions, such as talking with other people in the vehicle or the lure of the ever-present cellphone. Or, driving while intoxicated may be a factor in truck accidents. So-called “drowsy driving” can be an issue as well, particularly with over-the-road truckers who spend many hours behind the wheel with only minimal breaks. When truck accidents occur, injured Oklahoma residents may have legal options to consider.