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Possible drunk driving accident severely injures Oklahoma teen

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Car Accidents

A tragic accident has left an Oklahoma teenager with life-changing injuriesThe crash, which appears to have been caused by an alleged drunk driver, occurred as the teen was leaving his job at a local grocery store.  After the accident, he was assisted by other motorists until medical care personnel arrived at the scene. This horrific crash has likely left the young man with aextensive and painful recovery process. 

Crash details 

The accident happened late in the evening as the teen was heading home from his new job. While driving down a roadwaythe teen’s car was struck by another vehicle. Authorities believe the driver of the other vehicle may have been impaired. No further details on pending charges have been released 

Bystanders helped the teen and flagged down an ambulance that was in the area. He was taken to OU Health for treatment, including the use of a ventilator. His vision was also seriously affected, but doctors are hopeful that he will be able to keep his left eye and regain some of his sight. The young man may need extensive surgeries in the future. While it was first thought he would need leg amputations for survival, his recovery is looking more hopeful.  

A devastated family 

The family of the teen believes that he is lucky to have lived through this terrible accident. They remain positive and hope that eventually, he will be able to walk again. But they are also devastated by the fact that he may deal with ongoing health problems in the future. This accident, which may have been preventable, has significantly altered the life of the teen and his family.  As the victim’s loved ones help him through the healing process, they wonder what his future holds.  

Accidents with drunk drivers can lead to serious or fatal injuries. Accident victims, along with their family members, may feel anger, frustration, and hopelessness because of the physical injuries and emotional trauma – along with the costs for medical care, therapy, and other financial burdens that occur after a serious motor vehicle accident. An attorney with experience in dealing with personal injuries related to auto accidents can provide legal advice on the options available to the victim and his or her family.