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New Google Maps technology may help prevent car accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Car Accidents

A recent announcement from Google Maps may please many motorists. New technology will be added to the app that could help keep drivers safer on roadways. This technology will use real-time data to help travelers avoid accidents and other road hazards. This information can be especially helpful for the motorist who is traveling in an unfamiliar area and who does not know the streets well enough to find a safer route on his or her own.  

How it works 

Google worked closely with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to develop this technology. The system will use data sourced from areas that are considered hazardous due to what are called “hard-braking” zones. These zones are areas where drivers tend to brake harder and more quickly due to unexpected circumstances. The system will use real-time information to provide drivers with an alternate route to avoid these hard-braking areas. 

What’s different when compared to traditional Google Maps 

The standard Google Maps app provides drivers with the quickest route available. This new feature will also show drivers the safer route to their destination. While this route may take longer, it can help drivers navigate around hazards like accidents and congested streets. If the safer route and the quicker route have nearly the same estimated time of arrival, the system will default to the safer route.  

There are many factors that contribute to car accidents. Road hazards, driver negligence, and any situation that causes the driver to brake quickly and unexpectedly can all lead to an accident that may cause injuries. Anyone who is injured in a motor vehicle accident due to another party’s negligence may have cause for legal action. An attorney with knowledge in personal injury cases can provide information on the legal options available.